We Are

LUNA TALES was founded in late 2020 by two friends in Sydney, Australia. They both had a passion for dainty jewellery and boho lifestyle. The two friends, Iris and Liv believed jewellery is more than just an accessory. Each piece of jewellery we own carries a memorable tale.

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Iris’s jewellery tales

In 2019, I quit my 9 to 5 job to travel around the world for one year. I have been dreaming to be a nomad for a long time, well, a stylish one haha. Whenever I go to a new place, I’m obsessed with their fashion style and tend to shop and dress like a local. However, it’s always a headache to fit all of my boho outfits in my suitcase.
Jewellery became something essential and more affordable to complete my style. I started to collect jewellery along my journey instead. A vintage necklace from the Dry Bridge Market in Tiblisi, a pair of marble earrings from Ephesus, or a handmade silver ring from Floating Villages of Inle Lake Myanmar.
Each of these treasures carries an adventure. Whenever I wear them, they remind me of those journeys. The sound of cicadas, the salted hair and the smell of the moss. Till the next journey…..

Liv’s jewellery tales

Every year for my birthday my grandma would always give me jewellery. I would say to my grandma, I really love it but it's very expensive. She would tell me one day when I'm not around at least you would have many lasting pieces of me to remember. From then on each piece of jewellery I receive, I would cherish it deeply.
Today I look back to my jewellery with my grandma and she would say, do remember when I gave you this butterfly ring. I would say yes, of course, we were at the jewellery shop for 4 hours trying to negotiate pricing with that funny man (I was only 12).

Not only does this piece of jewellery bring back memories of how I got it, it brings me memories of all the times I shared with my grandma. I look at it and I remember her being there for my year 12 graduation, her teaching me how to cook her signature recipe, her telling me her childhood stories and more!

For the love of the moon, the stars and universe...

We bring Boho Style into jewellery fashion. Luna Tales is a brand created Australia specialising in minimalist, delicate, stackable and stylish adornments.