What is Boho Style

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Boho style is a fashion type influenced by bohemian and hippies. The type of people that has a bohemian style is often known as wanderers, adventurers, love child, spirit believers and vagabond.

Well-known celebrities like the Olsen twins, Vanessa Hudgens, Talitha Getty and Florence Welch are known for their Boho style.


So what is it? What do you have to wear to consider yourself to have a bohemian style?

If you’ve been to Byron Bay in Australia, you’ll know what Boho style is. Wearing earthy tones such as beige and white loose clothing. These clothing are often plain with solid neutral colours and textured clothing such as lace and geometric patterns.

You’ll also see Boho style with country, florals and rock-themed, often on t-shirts. Country boots are popular as well as straw texture shoes and even bare feet! Think of Boho style as free spirit relaxed look.


Accessorising when it comes to Boho style

The free-spirit people often wear loose clothing with natural fabrics of solid colours or textural prints such as aztec prints.

These are usually tunic-style blouses and kaftan dresses that can be easily layered with tighter garments or adapted to suit your frame with country belts with a horseshoe buckle or tassel scarves.

Depending on the style, choose shoes from country high or low boots or neutral coloured leathered sandals with wood or straw details. Add dainty jewellery to your look with gold ring and necklace stacks. Finish the look with a rattan straw bag. 

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Boho style hotspot - Byron Bay, Australia


If you’re from Australia or if you are planning on visiting, be sure to visit Byron Bay in Australia. There’s no other magical place for wanderers than Byron Bay in Australia.

Byron Bay in Australia is the paradise for hippies that have that bohemian style trends. You’ll find groups of people gathered in a circle hanging out on the grass outside a cafe, a park, at the beach or outside their kombi van enjoying music, food, beer and company.

What is Boho Style and where to find it in Byron Bay Australia


Here are 5 top Boho style stores in Byron Bay, Australia




Every type of trendy Boho Style look here in Byron Bay in Australia for pretty and easy to wear pieces for lounging days beside the water, a chilled road trip to anywhere, food or music festivals, or just the usual nights hanging out with friends with a cocktail.




You’ll find clothing in light, nude toned fabrics like cotton, linens and silks as well as some beautiful swimwear and accessories. Their have a simple styled look giving the trendy relaxed coastal vibe that is in Byron Bay in Australia.




Selling clothing and interiors trends out of the same space is a thing in Byron Bay in Australia. Hope & May combines luxe fashion, décor brands, interiors and lifestyle products in their boho store.




Rowie is just one of Byron Bay’s in Australia is a trending fashion labels. They are known for their trendy natural fibres and minimalist designs which are just perfect for a coastal holiday wardrobe. They have beautiful clothing such as loose and airy dresses and skirts, comfortable shorts, stylish and simple tops and singlets, and much loved jumpsuits.




Yoli & Otis in Byron Bay in Australia lives is know for their commitment to the planet trends. Their technique when it comes to dyeing fabric is by plant dyeing. The whites, beige, greys and black tones are the most popular choices in their store.


Are you ready to take on the Boho Style? Try the popular Boho Style trending brands around Byron Bay Australia and take on style fashion tips from bohemian celebrities. Find out 4 Tips on how to style boho jewellery from one of blogs. 

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