4 Tips on how to style Boho Jewellery

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So what is Boho Jewellery? And what is the style of Boho Jewellery? Boho (Bohemian) Jewellery styling is seen as art, it’s a way you or someone can self-express themselves or a way to inspire others. 

One of the most common Boho jewellery styling trends is stacking rings. One of the frequently asked questions for Boho jewellery styling is what are the ways to wear it?

Just like any type of fashion, everyone has their own style that complements them best. When it comes to the trend in Boho jewellery styling you are looking at dainty jewellery, so these are dainty rings, dainty necklaces, dainty bracelets and dainty earrings. Keep reading to find out more about how to style Boho Jewellery.



Dainty Boho jewellery is perfect for those that are after the simple yet elegant look. You can stack many of your Luna Tales Boho jewellery to create a statement look or have a minimal jewellery stack for the subtle look.

Here we are going to show you how to style Boho Jewellery with some trendy combinations you can try when it comes to Boho jewellery styling with Luna Tales dainty pieces. Just a quick tip before we start! It’s recommended keeping to the same metal when stacking Boho jewellery.  



Starting with stacking rings when it comes to how to style Boho Jewellery. Stacking rings are trending now in the fashion industry. One or two rings is not enough these days. So when you build your trendy stack you want to have a variety of rings with different textures and thickness.

Lesson 101 you need to have the basic stacking rings to start stacking Boho jewellery. If you don’t have these yet, start adding twisted, beaded, or hammered gold stacking rings. Our Luna Tales Signature stacking rings are perfect for this!

Stacking rings are best worn with one or two statement rings on one of the three middle fingers. You can also wear multiple stacking rings on the index finger or a single stack on the thumb.

To create the minimalist and elegant style you would choose thin banded rings and avoid over stacking too many rings.

Shop Luna Tales Online, Female Model wearing stacking boho dainty rings moon and star, 4 tips to how to style boho jewellery



Another popular trend for bohemian jewellery is layering necklaces and this is how to style boho jewellery for this piece.

The rule of thumb when to layering necklaces is to layer them in different length and textured necklaces. Layering necklaces is very flattering to the neck and chest when wearing a basic shirt or a low neck-lined blouse.

Here are some pro tips when layering necklaces.

  • Play it safe when layering necklaces with a minimum of 3
  • Choose metals with the same shade
  • Add a bold necklace with a pendant or one with a pop of colour to add character to your layers
Shop Luna Tales Online, Female Model wearing layered boho dainty necklaces moon and star, 4 tips to how to style boho jewellery


Have one bracelet with that as a statement centrepiece. Workaround this bracelet by adding dainty bracelets on either side, try using the Milky Way Bracelet.


Also when it comes to how to style boho jewellery, You don’t have to sacrifice your watch to make the perfect Boho jewellery stack on your wrist. It actually adds style, just remember to choose the same toned colour.


Stacking Boho jewellery hack! You can turn your necklace into a layered bracelet! Try wrapping the Nova Necklace around your wrist and you’ll easily have 2 stacks on your bracelet.






Having multiple piercings is nothing new for trends in the past or present. Although todays world we see more of it especially when it comes to how to style boho jewellery. Over time you find yourself getting more ear piercings and overtime your earring collection also grows.


Mix and match your favourite studs, sleepers, threaders and hugging hoops to create an earring stack. The earring stack will look best with the same coloured metal, to add a little bit of bling add a piece with a bead, crystal or zirconia. The extra colour looks great on the lobe, to the conch or helix.


If you are trying to make a bold look try mixing a statement earring with a mix of dainty studs. If this is your first time stacking earrings try our Celestial Set, it comes with 3 earrings. The set comes with a crescent moon dangling sleeper earring, black beaded stud and a shooting star threader.




There you have it, a quick lesson on how to style Boho Jewellery. You can find all your stacking jewellery and layering necklaces on our website. Find your favourites to mix and match together. We would love to see your style so make sure you share it on Instagram and Facebook, tag us @shop.lunatales and #LUNAtales.


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