What is gold filled jewellery? What does it really mean?

What is gold filled jewellery? What does it really mean?

If you don’t know what is gold filled jewellery, and you don’t know what it means you have landed at the right place! There are so many different types of gold jewellery such as gold plated, gold filled and solid gold. All these terms can be very confusing when you don’t know what it means. You want to know is this type of jewellery will last long, high quality and value for money when you are buying it.

Most of the jewellery we sell at Luna Tales are gold filled jewellery. When jewellery is made out of gold filled it has a higher chance of being tarnish resistant which means it will last longer. It is also a great affordable alternative than buying pure gold jewellery. Here we will explain in very easy and understandable terms ‘what is gold filled jewellery’, ‘how to care for it’ and tell you how long they last.


It simply means the jewellery piece is covered in solid gold on the outer layer over the brass base metal which is a combination of copper and zinc.

To qualify as gold filled jewellery, it will need a minimum of 5% solid gold of the weight of the jewellery piece. Generally, when you are shopping for necklaces, pendants, rings or any type of gold filled jewellery you will see it labelled as 14k or 18k gold filled.

So now you know what is gold filled jewellery, the benefits of purchasing these type of jewellery are that it becomes more tarnish resistant. In saying so it doesn't mean it’s impossible for it to tarnish.

Jewellery made this way can tarnish if not taken care of. So if you wear the jewellery piece during excessive or rough circumstances, it will most likely tarnish. Just like if you were to key a car.


The answer to this is YES. Gold filled jewellery means there is pure gold in the necklace, ring, pendant or bracelet that mentions gold filled. Although, do understand, solid gold, gold filled and gold plated have gold in it, just the percentage of pure gold is different which makes their worth different and how long they last.

For gold filled jewellery it means the outer layer is real gold and the middle which is the core is the base metal. There is 14k gold fill on the outside. If you were to compare to plated gold and filled gold, the filled gold is thicker. The gold fill is pressured bonded onto the outside making it more high quality and durable which makes it more tarnish resistant jewellery.

Take a look at the gold filled jewellery layers when it is cut open.

What is gold-filled jewellery?


Since the outer layer is made out of real solid pure gold, no other metals are in contact with your skin. Lucky for those with sensitive skin they can also enjoy beautiful gold dainty 14k gold filled jewellery. So if you are not allergic to gold then this means gold filled jewellery is perfect for you.


TIP #1: Wearing gold filled jewellery into the shower?

This can be a yes and no answer. If you use products that are chemically free then yes you can wear your gold filled jewellery while you are in the shower.

However if you have chemicals in the products you use such as in your soaps, body wash, shampoo, conditioner etc. These products can damage your jewellery.

TIP #2: Sleeping with gold filled jewellery?

Yes, you can wear gold filled jewellery to sleep.

Even if gold filled means it's a tarnish resistant jewellery keep in mind if you are a person that moves a lot during sleep or produces a lot of body oils, we suggest you not to sleep with it on.

Remember during excessive or rough circumstances it will reduce the life span for your gold filled jewellery.

TIP #3: Cleaning tips for gold filled jewellery

Since this type of jewellery is really good quality, you don’t need to clean it often. If you do need to clean it follow the easy instructions below.

Place your piece under chemical free water and rub the jewellery gently with soft material such as a soft toothbrush or cotton tip.

Dry with a paper towel or cloth.

Treat yourself or someone special with quality and long lasting gold filled jewellery. Shop with confidence with us. Discover our gold filled jewellery available in stacking rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

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