Pearl Jewellery Trends

Pearl Jewellery Trends on female boho chic

It’s 2021 and pearl jewellery trends is still a thing! Pearl jewellery is timeless from your grandma's age and her grandma and her grandma and so on! 

The evolution of pearl jewellery style has changed with a modern twist and the classics are still popular. Today you would see trends with pearls on a dainty gold chain, pearls on statement earrings, pearls on stacking rings and clusters of different sized pearls on bracelets. 

Our new Seaside Treasures Collection features a wide range of pearl jewellery from necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Keep reading to see our top picks of pearl jewellery from this collection in a whole new light. From the classics with a modern twist, these pearl jewellery trends will carry over from season to season.


Classic Pearl Studs

Whether you want to add a subtle hint of elegance to daytime outfits or want to make a bolder statement with your spicy evening pieces, our Pearl Studs are sure to make a definite impression and definitely one of the pearl jewellery trends.

The Seashell Pearl Drop Stud earring is a perfect example of a classic piece with a modern twist. A 14k gold filled seashell stud earring with a generous sized freshwater pearl dangling  below.  Creating the effortless minimalist and sophisticated style from daytime till the night.


Seashell stud earrings with fresh water pearls pearl jewellery trends

Drop & Dangle Pearl Earrings


Feeling more playful yet keeping to the minimalist and elegant style? Drop pearl earrings or dangle pearl earrings are the way to go for pearl jewellery trends. A combination of a seashell and a freshwater pearl is match made in heaven for the coastal style lovers. 


One of our favourites for drop and dangle pearl earrings is the Teardrop Pearl Seashell Stud earring. A 14k gold filled stud earring dangles down a gold circle and in the centre dangles down a petite freshwater pearl followed by a golden seashell.  Versatile and effortless on their own or these pearl drop earrings layer beautifully with your dainty stud pieces boho look.



drop and dangle pearl earrings with seashell pearl jewellery trends




Statement Pearl Necklaces


Taking the Pearl Jewellery Trends to another level with statement pearl necklaces. These necklaces are one of our favourite ways to instantly lift a look and make it more memorable. 


There is something about the way they catch the light and sparkle in front of your face that gives you a sort of instant confidence, like you've just stepped off a red carpet, even if you are just running out to meet friends for coffee.


Pearl necklaces like these work best worn with clean, simple palettes to allow their beauty and drama to shine through. Enjoy whichever you choose, whether alone or layered with your other favourite jewels!


The Moon Shadow Pearl Necklace is designed to flow gracefully to the neckline, our freshwater pearl necklace takes on a delicate presence. This pearl necklace is made with 14K gold with a gold infinity hoop and a petite twin freshwater pearl drop hanging in the centre. This piece is for those who love simplicity, it's an enduring piece which can be worn alone or layered along with our Sea Mist Dainty Pearl Necklace to create a unique look.



statement pearl necklace for pearl jewellery trends




Pearl Layering Necklaces


Another way to step up the pearl jewellery trends are layering necklaces with pearls. Layers of gold chains on a delicate lace collar. Matching hoops peeking out from under a delicate sleeveless sheath dress or from behind a pair of decadent drop earrings. Pearls strung on bright sections of antique inspired jewellery or set against clean minimalist pieces. 


Layering necklaces have become one of our favourite ways to make an impact with our jewellery – the possibilities are absolutely endless! From bright hues to feminine neutrals each layering necklace is as versatile as your own personal style.


The perfect combination in our Seaside Treasures Collection is the Sea Mist Dainty Pearl Necklace and Guiding Light Pearl Necklace. The two necklaces put together will make you feel as if they are inseparable as if they belonged together all the time. 



pearl necklace layering for pearl jewellery trends




Pearl Bracelets


Pearl jewellery trends do include pearl bracelets. Get swept off your feet with our lovely pearl bracelets. Enjoy the dazzling look of the shimmering pearls on each bracelet's shiny gold chain. Whether you wear them alone or stack them with other bracelets, you're in for a dazzling time.


Go full pearl with our Mako Baroque Pearl Bracelet or get the subtle pearl look with our Guiding Light Pearl Bracelet. The choice is yours!


pearl bracelets for pearl jewellery trends




Remember pearl jewellery trends were popular back in the years and they are trending now as well which means you are expecting the pearl jewellery trends to still stay popular in year’s time. The best part is that it’s suitable for all seasons so check out all our pearl jewellery here.

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