What are Sleeper Earrings

What are Sleeper Earrings, sleeper earrings on female

So what are sleeper earrings and why are they called sleeper earrings? The obvious answer and correct answer is earrings that you can sleep comfortably in, which is why they are named sleeper earrings. 

The ideal earring for freshly pierced ears is sleeper earrings or stud earrings. These light weighted stainless steel or sterling silver earrings are designed with comfort in mind while your freshly pierced ears can heal quickly. If you are thinking of getting your ears pierced, sleeper earrings are the way to start!


The Pros of sleeper earrings

Just to make it easy to decide if you should get sleeper earrings, here is a list of pros!

  • You can wear it during the day, during the night, and while you sleep and it will feel just as comfortable.
  • Sleeper earrings are lightweight, you will barely feel it’s there.
  • They are also easy to wear and remove
  • Suitable for sensitive ears, most sleeper earrings are made hypoallergenic
  • Available in different style, check out our Luna Tales range (here)

Luna Tales Sleeper Earring Shop Online Boho Earrings


The Cons of Sleeper Earrings

Nothing is ever perfect, just make sure you know the cons too!

  • Different from studs with an earring backing, you may accidentally pull the sleeper earrings off.
  • You may get used to the comfort from sleeper earrings and resist change to other types of earrings


How to Close Sleeper Earrings

There are so many different earrings enclosures or you may call these earring fasteners and they all work differently. Let us show you the 3 main types of earring fasteners for sleeper earrings.


Hoop Fastenings

The timeless classic hoop earrings have a few types of fasteners which are commonly seen on sleeper earrings. The three popular types of sleeper earrings fasteners are endless hoop, french lock, and hinge snap. 

Here we will explain and show you how easy it is to wear and remove.

Endless hoop closure:

Creating the perfect infinity circle for sleeper earrings. You’ll see this type of closure on the Luna Tales Shooting Star Hoop earring.

Step 1: Gently pull the post out of the hoop tube. Be careful not to bend or twist the hoop excessively as this may cause breakage.

Step 2: Push one end up and the other end down. Don’t pull the end outwards

Step 3: Thread the post through your piercing, then gently guide the tube end to line with the post. Lodge the post onto the tube end to close the hoop.

Luna Tales Shooting Star Sleeper Earrings Shop Online Australia


French lock

Convenient and easy. If you can picture a horseshoe earring with the ends connected, that is what it looks like. 

Step 1: Lift the post up to create an opening, so it disconnects from the post. 

Step 2: Thread the post through your piercing,

Step 3: Push down the post to lock into the fork on the other end of the earring.


french lock earrings sleeper earrings light weighted earrings


Hinge Snap fastenings

Seen on our Radiant Sol earring. Another easy to wear and take off earring, especially for sleeper earrings.

Step 1: Open the earring by pulling the sides open. This will then divide the earring into halves. 

Step 2: Thread the post through your piercing,

Step 3: Close the halves back together to secure the earring. 

sun sleeper earrings gold filled earrings light weighted earrings


Create an earring stack with sleeper earrings 

Enjoy lightweight Sleeper earrings when it comes to creating a minimal earring look. Mix and match studs with sleeper earrings to create different lengths and to achieve the minimalist elegant look.

Try these looks out!


Celestial Earring Set

If you have no idea where to start with an earring stack, then this would be a perfect set to start with. The Celestial Earring Set comes with 2 pieces, a crescent moon sleeper earring, black crystal bead stud earring, and a gold shooting star threader.

Each of these pieces complements each other, the dainty pieces are all in different lengths which gives that elegant and minimalist look. Mix and max the 3 pieces if you have 2 piercings instead of 3. 

If you just had your ears pierced and they are ready for a new set of earrings, try starting off with a lightweight earring. The sleeper earring in this set is made out of 14k gold plated over copper and super light weighted.

Luna Tales Celestial Earring Set


Shooting Star Hoop Earring x Moon Stud Earring

Layer your earring stack with length and a subtle touch of colour. The Shooting Star Hoop earring gives a splash blue as well as adding length to your earring stack. Pair it with the Moon Stud which also comes with a Star Stud.

These 2 pieces are a perfect celestial combination. Enjoy these 14k gold filled earrings that are perfect for those that have sensitive ears. Looking beautiful safely.

Luna Tales Shooting Star Earrings with Moon Stud


Gold Sleeper Earrings x Star Threader Earrings

Our Gold Star Sleepers and Star Threader earring from the Celestial Earring Set is made to last. Wear this timeless style with any outfit. A shiny gold finish pairs effortlessly with any wardrobe, day or night.

The next time you put on your coastal boho look or country styled boho look add a piece of the universe with you. These 2 pieces are lightweight earrings, so you can comfortably enjoy wearing them all day!

Luna Tales Shooting Star Threader Earring Star Sleeper


Shop our 14k gold filled hypoallergenic lightweight earrings. Wear your earrings longer and with comfort with sleeper earrings. Enjoy the different styles we have and mix and match them with your favourite stud earrings. Click here to shop now.

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