How to Layer Necklaces

How to Layer Necklaces

Effortlessly create beautiful styles by layering necklaces. There is a simple hack to how to layer necklaces where the style is minimal and elegant everytime. Layering necklaces is becoming more and more popular especially in the bohemian world. 

The Formula to How to Layer Necklaces

There are 3 necklace layering hacks to consider when it comes to the how to layer necklaces formula. At Luna Tales we embrace minimalism and elegance with dainty gold jewellery. When layering necklaces consider length, thickness of chains and style. 

Let’s have a look at our girl Tess Gordon (@Tess_gordon) she is rocking the necklace layering style. Tess’s how to layer necklace style is to keep it simple with 2 to 3 layers choosing 2 pieces from our Seaside Treasures Collection. Tess styles the Sea Mist Dainty Pearl Necklace as the shortest necklaces and layered with the Moon Shadow Pearl Necklace as the slightly longer necklace with a delicate pearl ornament to draw the eye.

Tess Gordon Layering Necklaces

Layering Necklaces at Different Lengths 


Start layering necklaces with two pieces, the easiest type of necklace to layer with is a statement necklace and a simple chain. Take a look at the picture below, the Seaside Treasures Seashell Necklace as the statement which is the piece that draws the eye. Adding a thin chain necklace the Guiding Light Pearl Necklace to compliment the statement necklace and complete the masterpiece.


Gold layered necklaces


When layering necklaces in different lengths note:

  • Too many layers can be unflattering
  • Stick to 2-4 necklaces when layering
  • Start with a statement necklace for a focal point


Chunky Chains verses Dainty Chains


We have seen layering necklace trends where fashion influencers have used chunky chains layered with dainty chains. Often the necklace layers is an oversized choker or a chunky pearl statement necklace. These necklaces are usually layered underneath the dainty necklaces. 


When layering necklaces with different chain thicknesses note:

  • Start with 3 necklaces at different lengths
  • More dainty chains over chunky chains
  • Chunky chains layered under the first layer 


Pairing Styles - Beads and Pearls?  

100% we are all for beads, especially necklaces with fresh water pearls. Make a statement with a bold beaded or pearl necklace. It is important to have this necklace to sit in the middle of layers to not overpower the look. Just take a look at the Sea Mist Dainty Pearl Necklace layered with the Destiny Gold Double Chain Layered Necklace. Perfectly paired without having a bold statement necklace.


How to Layer Necklaces



Our top 3 picks to How to Layer Necklaces with Luna Tales Necklaces



Destiny Gold Double Chain Layered Necklace


If you are starting out on your layering necklace journey and needing help starting off, the perfect starter piece is Destiny Gold Double Chain Layered Necklace. This necklace is a pre-set fixed layered necklace, two timeless elegant pieces joined together. The best part is you don’t have to worry about it getting tangled.


If you want to try and layer like a pro with this piece add the Luminous Gold Choker Necklace as the top layer.


3 necklace layering



Guiding Light Pearl Necklace


Coastal style wanderers out there, this necklace is made for you. The Guiding Light Pearl Necklace has elements of the ocean and the galaxy. The freshwater pearls connecting you to the ocean and cubic zirconia that glitters just like the stars in the night sky. Layer this necklace with another pearl statement necklace to create the ultimate dreamy look.


Simple way of layering necklaces



Luminous Gold Choker Necklace


A timeless 14k gold filled choker is what you need as an essential piece to your jewellery collection. Just by adding a delicate chain will change your style. The Luminous Gold Choker Necklace sparkles under the sun bringing out the elegant wow factor. 


Necklace layering with statement necklace



There are endless combinations to how to layer necklaces and this is what we believe that works every time and is always trending. Of course there are more combinations out there suited for different people. To see what other layers you can create with our necklace collection click here.  

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